President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Last Budget

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani will be presenting this year’s budget in parliament today

The Ksh 3.3 trillion shillings budget will be presented to parliament two months in advance to allow time for MPs to campaign before the national elections

Normally the budget is always presented during the second week of the month of June every year

This year’s budget will be President Uhuru Kenyatta’s last budget as the head of state and it will also serve the incoming government

In the budget expected to be presented on Thursday by CS Yatani, the Education sector is the biggest beneficiary, with an allocation of Ksh 525B. 

The teacher’s service commission has been allocated Ksh 295B. early learning and basic education get Ksh 106B.

The energy, infrastructure, and ICT sectors were banded together in the budget with an allocation of Ksh 368B with the Ministry of Energy getting Ksh 85.1B and the Ministry of petroleum and mining expected to get Ksh 9.3B.

Under public administration and international relations, the Office of the President is set to get Ksh 8.1B, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will get Ksh 19B, the national treasury allocating itself Ksh 189.9B, state department of Planning which is under the national treasury has also been allocated  Ksh 48B.

National security has been allocated Ksh 203 billion, with the ministry of defense getting Ksh 157 B and the national intelligence service getting Ksh 45B.

Under governance, justice, law and order, the sector has been allocated Ksh, 231B with the national police service getting Ksh 143B, the State department of correctional services getting Ksh 30B, and the judiciary expected to get Ksh 18.2 B

The agriculture sector has been allocated Ksh 60 billion shillings, but this has caused an uproar among sector analysts who say that it has been underfunded for years yet it’s the most critical in the country.

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