How I met Him

how i met him
I know you are all excited in knowing about how I met him. But before that there is a disclaimer: We are no longer together with ‘’him’’

How I met him … (Part 2)

The first time How I met Him ,we met in person, to me it was love at first sight. I had never at once in my life believed in love at first sight until I ran into you. Since then, you have been the happiest thing in my life.


This is a post I`ve been very nervous to share even with my best friend. It has been in my mind waiting to see the light of the day, so here is the shine it`s been longing for. This is it:

When I met him, I was in a place where I had given up on love. I had suffered a very devastating heartbreak from my then-boyfriend (a story for another day).

The heartbreak had really crushed me. I remember going into depression for some months, I lost friends and even at some point lost myself. Looking back am really grateful for all that because it is what made me find you or rather you found me!

The best part of our story is that you found me on that fateful Wednesday (I still remember the day). You saw me permanently immobilized emotionally and you still brightened my day. I`m smiling writing this because it is bringing forth a cascade of memories. You saw me broken that day and you still managed to whisper to me “ little pieces are the cutest” – (I can still hear your whisper on my ear) lol. This was the sweetest thing I had ever heard in my life. Who would not be in love after all these?

So how did I meet him? Moment of silence for you all to take a guess……….

DRUM ROLLS!!!!… Our meet-up story is my absolute favorite story to tell. I`ve never told it to anyone. Sometimes I sit back and reminisce in awe to myself how I ended up meeting the love of my life because well….I`m not usually one to brag, but it`s damn a good story!

I`m so sure the time I`ll be done telling you all how I met him, your jaws will be on the floor. I remember dreaming of having a magical “movie moment” when I meet the love of my life. The funny thing is that Gog gave me that spectacular “movie moment” when I met him.

 So how did I meet him?.. I`m so glad you asked. The answer is…….




  1. This article has left me emotional and I can’t tell why!!I must say that i can relate…I love the suspense you leave us with…Can’t wait for part 3 @Mitcha lynn

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