10 Questions: ” I Have Been Called Crazy but this Makes me Happy”, the Story of Mike Karas

Mike Karas- Comedian and Content creator
Mike Karas- Comedian and Content creator

It is in everyone’s imagination that they are a bit of a comic, but is it that easy?

Mike Karas, 23, has been in the comedy industry for a couple of years. He has taken advantage of the digital space in creating and disseminating comic content. His debut video was that of CNN which saw him get featured in the local papers.

  1. How did you get into comedy? Take us back to where it all started

I remember being the joker of the class back in high school. I would write down jokes on a piece of paper and pass them around the class. Well, from the reactions I would get, it got to me that I must be funny and that is where my journey as a comedian began.

  • Have you always wanted to be a comedian?

Well, funny thing, I never at any point thought of myself as a comedian, on the contrary, I wanted to become a rapper, but with time I got hooked to comedy.

  • What is the reception like? What is the reaction of the people around you when you mention what you do?

Many do not even understand. Some look at me and call me crazy but I enjoyed it. many find it funny and this somehow keeps me going.

  • How do you come up with your materials?

I conceptualize everyday happenings and try to package them funnily. It could even be a man walking by and this triggers me to do a skit about it. I have at times dreamt about some of the skits but many are those that come from the things and people around me.

  • What is the best thing about your job?

The fact that I do it out of passion makes the experience worthwhile and also seeing the kind of positive response from my fans. Like I said I try as much as I can to use everyday experiences as part of my creation. This kind of content resonates with many people.

  • Your feature on CNN made the news. How did this all happen?

I did a skit where I featured myself alongside a CNN news reporter and uploaded it on Facebook only to come back a few hours later to find it blowing up the internet. In hours, the video had received over 100k views and was being shared by at large. The video went viral and this captured the attention of some big names in the industry, like Churchill, Maina Kageni, and many others who shared the video on their socials.

  • What was your reaction to seeing your video blowing up the internet?

I was confused at first (I was not doubting myself), but I was not expecting that kind of response. The video went viral to the extent that I got featured on the Standard Newspaper. I felt proud of myself.

  • You have worked with the likes of MC Bull an award-winning content creator, how’s it like working with him?

We started working with Bull after the CNN video. He reached out to me and we started working together. I am grateful that he saw something in me. It has been great working with him; He is super talented and funny. MC Bull empowers me to become better at what I do.

  • As a Kenyan Comedian and content Creator, Where do you get your inspiration? Who do you look up to?

 I try as much as I can to motivate myself. Other than that, I look up to comedian Henry Desagu. His journey into content creation is inspiring.

What are your plans for the future? Is Comedy your long-term career choice?

(Laughing) Not really, Comedy is good but I would not consider doing it for the rest of my life.

Tell us one of your favorite jokes.

One of the recent ones

 Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Wetangula who?

We tangu last year hujaoa?

One can also access his content @Mike Karas across all social media platforms.

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