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A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet. There are ten essential super foods that have  shown to significantly improve people’s health and well being.

1 Avocado. It makes other foods for you even healthier. It’s rich in oleic acid which lowers the risk of heart and inflammatory diseases. Avocadoes enhances body absorption of carotenoid  which the body readily converts into vitamin A.The fat avocado content makes it creamy and delicious.


2 Kales. They are rich in calcium. The complex chemical composition in kales helps to fight cancer and repair DNA and damaged cells. The calcium in kales matches and surpasses a cup of milk.

3 Sweet Potatoes. They help balance blood glucose level and raise levels of vitamin A which is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and eyesight. They can be prepared by boiling or steaming. Drizzling a small amount of olive oil increases it’s nutritional benefits.

4 Blueberries. They are packed with antidioxidants, vitamin  C and fibre.They help improve memory and slow aging.They are low in sugar and helps maintain a healthy glycemic level when eaten regularly.They still maintain their nutritional value when frozen.

5 Almonds. They are delicious and versatile nuts.They are rich in saturated fats which reduces unhealthy cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of heart diseases.They are a sorce of Vitamin  E and helps improve your overall cardiovascular health and reduce certain signs of aging.These seeds  with high fat contents have a craving which simultaneously improves your overall health.

6 Apples.Sure enough an apple a day keeps the doctor away.Apples are a source of Vitamin C and soluble fibre.They improve blood glucose and cholesterol levels.Their antidioxant property promotes the production of collagen which straightens veins and maintains a youthful fresh looking skin.

6 Salmon.This fish is rich in Vitamin D,B 12  and Omega 3 fatty acids.Eating Salmon helps improve cardio vascular functions, reduce depression and increase learning capabilities. Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps keep your body’s blood and nerve cells healthy and helps make DNA, and the genetic material in all of your cells

7 Oats.They are source of soluble fibres, lowers cholesterol, prevents heart disease, breast and colon cancer.

8 Garlic. It improves your health with its variety of anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties.It boosts your immune system, helps in metabolic functions and has certain cancer preventive properties.

9 Brocolli.It’s one of the best food you can ever eat which is rich in antidioxidants, making it one of the best things you can eat to maintain health. It helps detoxify the body and reduces inflammation. Steaming is the best method of preparing it to maintain it’s texture, flavor and nutrients.

Other honorable mentions are lemons,beatroots,dark chocolate and carrots.


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