Vivian is sick, Ngomma is frustrating her

Singer Vivian
Singer Vivian has disclosed that she is sick and Ngomma are frustrating her

Kenyan Artist Vivian Wamboi famously Known as Vivian has said that Ngomma is frustrating her.

Vivian disclosed that she has been sick “My biggest prayer is for God to heal me completely so I’m able to iron out my royalties. Lord please don’t take me before I make it work.”

“I am so disappointed in Ngomma coz I have so much respect for the MD. Stop manipulating what you did not invest in! What is wrong with you??? “

On her Instagram page, Vivian disclosed that they helped to build to build Ngomma Vas but the company has refused to let her go.

“We helped you build your company, let me and many others go in peace. I may be a musician but I am also a strong businesswoman. Please note I will be visiting soon. Sometimes I get busy and now I’m unwell. I have always been polite and respectful but I want every single song that my hubby and I have worked on in my power. “ Vivian Said

The Chum Chum hitmaker also took issue with Safaricom’s Skiza saying it is overrated in this era

“The day Safaricom will be willing to give me license to operate my own skiza I will consider. At the moment I will redirect my path to other areas. Skiza is overrated in the era any way in any way.” She lamented.

She urged her music fans not to worry as she will be releasing more music, she went on to say that No selfish businessman will kill this dream oh. Any unfairness is loud and clear even in God’s eyes.

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